D3 Designz Story

       As a young man growing up, having just graduated High School, I was searching for a career with meaning and stability. I chose a career in Law Enforcement. I joined the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and served my community as a Deputy Sheriff for 15 years. I have worked in  contract Law Enforcement / Security with the Federal Government the last 11 years.
  In both my personal and professional life I have seen the very best this country has to offer as well as the very worst that plagues this country.
        I have concluded that no matter your personal, social, political or religious beliefs, the fight that is consistent everywhere is the battle of GOOD vs EVIL.
       As a single father of 3 boys I fight this battle everyday 24/7. I work very hard everyday to teach my sons about this battle of GOOD vs EVIL. I teach them that GOOD will prevail over EVIL.
 So in early 2023 I started with an idea to get this message out to the world that the real fight we have is the one of GOOD vs EVIL. In June of 2023 I launched D3 Designz to create an apparel company to do just that.